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Inviting vidyarthis for studying Krishna Yajur Vedam and Shukla Yajur vedam in the patashala. Click here to Contact Dr TV
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Scholarships for Vidyarthis
Patashala invites interested contributors to sponsor scholarships to vidyarthis for study of vedas.
Navarathri pooja vidhi
Patashala invites persons who wish to sponsor monthly expenses of students ( Rs 2500/- per student)
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Projects and News
Scholarships for Vidyarthis:
There have been many challenges that the patashala has seen. Some of that need to be addressed and are related to the financial position of the student’s families. When the students attain a certain level of expertise the families try to monetise this knowledge and rightly so because of the financial position that they are in today. In order to overcome this, it is proposed (like in any post graduate course), that we create a scheme through which financial assistance is provided as a stipend. This would enable students to continue higher studies and reduce the drop out ratio due to financial reasons.
The other is also to institute awards/scholarships/rewards for outstanding students and encourage them to pursue the learning further so that the world at large will benefit from their knowledge.
This is an earnest appeal to all asthikas to support this organization and implement the wish that was close to Mahaperiyavaa’s heart. The participation itself will lift the spiritual quotient of the families and we seek Mahaperiyavaa’s poorna asirvatham to all the participants
It is our sincere wish to one day see the patashala in its entirety. We are also cognizant of the fact that we are only a spoke in the wheel and it’s our duty to put all the efforts. The outcome is in His hands and we seek His blessings and guidance to continue the righteous path that we have chosen. 

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