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Inviting vidyarthis for studying Krishna Yajur Vedam and Shukla Yajur vedam in the patashala. Click here to Contact Dr TV
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Scholarships for Vidyarthis
Patashala invites interested contributors to sponsor scholarships to vidyarthis for study of vedas.
Navarathri pooja vidhi
Patashala invites persons who wish to sponsor monthly expenses of students ( Rs 2500/- per student)
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Sri Swaminathar Veda patashala has been instituted with the sincere objective of imparting our own Vedic education and culture to persevering students who wish to study the same in the traditional gurukulam system. Dr T Vasudevan, a medical practitioner by profession was charged with the divine dispensation to begin such a venture on reading these books.
Strangely, things seem to come together immediately when he found a retired head-mistress Smt. Saraswathi willing to donate her entire house for this noble cause. He quickly found an able administrator in Sri Ganapathi, a retired Bank manager willing to help him run the patashala.
Thereafter, when he was in search for a guru who could live and teach the Vedas in the premises, Brahma Sri Senthilnatha Ganapatigal from Thiruvannamalai came forward to supervise and nominated his disciple to take this role and thus was born Sri Swaminathar Veda patashala under the auspices of the trust under the same name that was created. Thus, he gave a supportive hand to us during our formative years.
The patashala is in Thirupathiripuliyur (Cuddalore, South India). This place is where the public at large had the rare opportunity of witnessing the divinity protecting Saint Appar, in the Sri Padaleeswarar temple in Cuddalore.
The inspiration to begin this Veda patashala was Mahaperiyava Sri Chandrasekhara Saraswathi Swamigal through his monumental work penned by Ra Ganapathi in the set of books "Deivathin Kural".

Dear aastika bandhu,

We are running a vedapatashaalaa in cuddalore since 2008.

We started with a modest 6 students. After We reached a peak of ten students, we found that the old building could not accommodate the various batches. As a last straw heavy rains flooded the building and all the residents were really scared though the ankle deep water drained in couple of hours. Thus began our next major effort in finding new accommodation for them. With the help of some kind hearted and like-minded persons we embarked on this effort and at an expense of Rs. 21,07,000-00 a new building was constructed with a ground floor area of 1185 s.ft and a First floor of 725 s.ft. This was in September 2009.

Today The patashala currently has 2 streams of Vedas that is being taught through reputed Acharyas. - Krishna Yajur Vedam and Shukla Yajur Vedam.

We have a total of 15 Vidyarthis and 2 Acharyas, who impart the respective vedas to the students, residing in the patashala premises located in the agraharam, just behind the traditional Pataleeswarar koil at Thirupathripuliyur near Cuddalore. We have a M.Sc. graduation who functions as a warden and teach languages, science and maths too to the students.

As is evident from many parts of "Periyava Kural" (God's own voice - a 40-hour CD containing Sri Mahaperiyava's discourses in his own voice), where Mahaperiyava strives to bring home the point of "Veda rakshanam" as the primary objective of the society.

We were chugging along fairly well with all sorts of problems till the November rains and floods -which is now world famous- which caused heavy damages to the old building. A pc used for accounting etc. several books in library were heavily damaged. After much deliberations now we are more or less forced to go for another new construction. We have planned to build 1500 sq.ft at approx. cost of 30 lakhs. The plans and estimate are available here:


We request you to contribute generously to this effort. All contributions are exempted under section 80 G in india.

The details for contribution:
name of acct holder: Sri Swaminathar charitable trust
IFSC number is UTIB0000798
axis bank cuddalore branch code: 798
account number 9100 1000 4317574
contact bsnl cell 7598248826
feel free to ask for any details that you want to know.

Dr T Vasudevan performing Agnihotram

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